Today would have been my 4th anniversary. Know the weird thing? I’m actually okay today. I spent this day last year a hot mess, crying, avoiding people, and just generally being miserable. Today I kicked ass at my nursing skills practice, laughed with friends and now I’m about to sit and study. I truly could not ask for a better life and today just makes me even more grateful my past is behind me.




Finally back to school today. I only had 4 days off but it felt far longer. I can’t believe how much I missed school. For all that I slept maybe 3 hours last night I couldn’t wait to go to school today.

I missed my friends. I missed my routine. I even missed driving in my car (it’s quiet unlike my house). But the best part was getting to wear my scrubs for the first time!!! I officially feel like a nursing student. I may have already been in school for 6 months but somehow it feels more real now.

But now I’m off to bed because I have to be up early again. I love my life!