NEW Happy Ending


So within the span of a few days 3 of the people that I value the opinion of the most told me I’m not doing well. What does that mean you ask… I am apparently looking to be ready to spiral into a depression again and had no idea.

It started with me telling my baby sister that my ex is now engaged. Obviously I got upset and when I started to cry and she said I just needed to move on I couldn’t explain that I thought I had. She decided then to tell me she’s noticed I’ve changed the last little while and not for the better. I’ve apparently become a very angry person, yelling at others, snapping at people for no reason, and just overall difficult to live with. I’m withdrawn and want nothing to do with the family and have quit doing the things I enjoy most. Well, last night at Girls Night I told the other 2 women that care about me most and they said the same thing. I’ve stopped talking to and hanging out with my friends, I’ve been eating more, I have been posting less positive messages on Facebook and Pinterest and they can tell. All 3 feel it’s time to go back on my meds… *SIGH*

I suppose the reason I never noticed things myself is that I’m in denial. I figure if I can survive my Lifetime movie worthy divorce that I can survive anything. WRONG! I apparently haven’t actually dealt with the divorce and just swallowed things inside. Well, it’s time to deal and time to talk openly about what I went through and what I’m going through. I need to move on. My ex has moved onto his next poor victim (he can’t be alone), and it’s my turn to let myself move on and heal. I deserve it and I’m going to have it.



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