Switched up


It’s weird what makes you feel lonely. Tonight it was watching last week’s episode of Switched at Birth (I’m a week behind). I was fine until the moment that Ty and Bay were talking about Ty deploying to Afghanistan again and he told her he loved her. I miss hearing that. And freakishly enough, I miss the craziness of military life. I was good at it and I miss it. But really, I think what I miss most is knowing that someone loves me no matter how far away he is. Hell, I can’t even get anyone to love me now let alone love me on a deployment like before. But enough of that pity party…


I have good news… I GOT AN 88% ON MY CHEMISTRY TEST!!! Now I know that’s only a B, but I’ve been seriously stressing about this test. Plus it’s a definite improvement over last Friday’s 76%. Not my finest work to say the least. For all that I’m still in the general classes, I LOVE NURSING SCHOOL. I get a sense of accomplishment and pride that I haven’t had in years. I’ve missed working hard and being rewarded. It’s all my effort, what I put into it, and it shows on what I get out of it. No partner to quarrel with, no husband to tell you you’re wrong, just you and the information. And that’s something else, your education can never be taken away.


I’m so grateful to be given the chance to change my future like this. I just hope I keep making myself and everyone else proud. I need it after how I let my life and the people in it get the best of me.


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