EEK! Panic mode is setting in; I have finals tomorrow for my Pediatric and OB rotation in nursing school. I have loved every single moment of the quarter and I am sad to see it go. I am however, not looking forward to 2 finals tomorrow and 2 HESI exams next Wednesday. I don’t want to leave OB/Peds. I’ve found my calling and it is definitely in the labor & delivery/ postpartum world of nursing.


New Love, New Life



Well I did it, I took the plunge. I am officially in a relationship. It has been over 3 years and I’ve finally met an amazing man that I adore and who cares about me. It’s strange really, finding somewhere you seem to fit. I feel it when I hold his hand or he puts his arms around me while we snuggle on the couch and watch TV.

He melts my heart. We’ve been talking for quite awhile now and had previously discussed the fact that we would consider ourselves taken and that we were dating. Well yesterday as we were out and about he looked at me and asked me what date I wanted to pick to count as our official dating day. So we agreed on yesterday. He then said “today is the first day of forever together.” **SWOON** He’s so good to me. Randomly he tells me how beautiful I am and always makes sure I know that I am appreciated.

I know it’s all still new but it feels so different. These butterflies in my stomach make me feel so giddy and happy. I cannot wait to see where we go from here.

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3 Down


Well I did it. I have officially completed my third quarter on nursing school, which means there are only 5 to go! I’ve been incredibly stressed all week, hardly sleeping, headaches, stomach aches, the usual… And it’s finally over and oh so worth it.

Between all of my classes the last two weeks I have had 3 group projects, homework, and 6 finals. Yesterday I had my skills finals in my Fundamentals of Nursing skills class and pulled the teacher that has hated me all quarter. And guess what; she complimented me! Needless to say I passed 🙂

Well today I had my written final in Fundamentals and while I was confident I was still extremely nervous. I studied a little and did practice tests to prepare. Somehow I got a 90%!!!! From everyone I’ve talked to that appears to be the highest grade. YAHOOOOOOO! I’m still in shock and completely over the moon.


Now it’s off to Palm Springs for the weekend, 3 days at Disneyland next week, and just a whole bunch of shenanigans over the next 10 days. I can’t wait to be a nurse 💉❤️🏥



Well it is officially March 25, and that means that it is my birthday!

I’ve spent the last few days reflecting back over my life and where I am and I’m happy to say I’m in a good place in life. I have an amazing family; great friends, new and old; I’m working on my RN and accomplishing my goals; and I’ve started to see someone new. I am so blessed in so many ways and I’m grateful everyday that my life didn’t turn out the way I had planned.



Poems from a shattered heart


So I was given an assignment in my American Lit class to write 4 pages of a short story or poetry. Somehow I’ve ended up writing poetry for the first time since high school and I’m saddened to report that they’re ALL about the divorce. *sigh* Just when you think you’re moving past your subconscious pulls you back in.

Does anyone else write poetry to help with their feelings?

Bright eyes

Chasing stormy skies

I’m only me


Quiet and shy

Seeking a love that lets me fly

I’m only me


Bruised and broken

Left with strength as my token

I’m only me


You brought me down

I put on that gown

I wasn’t me


Your lies caught up to you

Can’t believe what you put me through

Now it’s only me

And I am FREE



I’m sorry it’s too late


Too many tears

My worst fears

Not enough years


You did it to me

You did it to us

Sorry baby but I still hate you


They’re gone from my arms

Never my heart

Wish it had been you

To forever depart


Stuck in my heard

Awake and sleeping

You haunt me even when I’m dreaming


Want to move on

Out of the past

Can’t seem to let go

I don’t want to want you anymore


Take your memories

Take your pain

You already took me




Do you rip wings off of butterflies

Or just break hearts along your path of



Was my head hidden in the clouds

Or did you just deceive me with your



Did you expect me to follow

Or just pretend you aren’t a



Where did you learn to separate your soul

Or did you forget to believe in




Grab my attention with that silly grin

Pulling me down

Drawing me in


Left my life in this town

Twist and spin

I’m in a gown


Days spent dreaming

Not who you pretended to be

To be left alone and careening


Today would have been my 4th anniversary. Know the weird thing? I’m actually okay today. I spent this day last year a hot mess, crying, avoiding people, and just generally being miserable. Today I kicked ass at my nursing skills practice, laughed with friends and now I’m about to sit and study. I truly could not ask for a better life and today just makes me even more grateful my past is behind me.

New Beginnings



Tomorrow is a huge step on the road to the rest of my new life. I will be doing my first clinicals as a nursing student. This will be the first time I ever act as a nurse with patients.

I may have already completed almost 7 months of school but now it feels real. And to be honest, I’m a little afraid. But the strangest part of it all is that I’m nervous that I’m not as nervous as I thought I would be. I think I’m just so sure I’m where I need to be that I’m excited.

But talk to me tomorrow… I’ll probably be sick to my stomach with fear. Wish me luck!